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October 31, 2006

The 8th Circle…

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I found myself parked in a dentist chair this morning. What made matters worse was, Orlando’s local soft-as-butter rock station was playing in the background. So, while I had a mostly-competent dental assistant poking into my gums with a sharp instrument, I had to hear The New Kids on the Block and Mariah Carey singin about something or other.

My question: Didn’t President Bush sign something recently making this kind of situation illegal?

October 30, 2006

Random Things I Discovered this Weekend…

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  • The movie Alien Resurrection is a complicated, gory mess. I was counting the minutes ’til it was over.
  • Funky colors notwithstanding, Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Booberry cereals are, in fact, the same cereal.
  • The new Hellboy cartoon on Cartoon Network is pretty fun.
  • The young adults at UPC are cool people (this was more of a rediscovering)
  • Kendra Morris wore an Elvis wig, angel wings, fake eyebrows, old sunglasses and nail extenders to the costume party Saturday night. I don’t know what she was meant to be, but she got my vote for best costume.
  • Bobbing for apples is harder than it looks.
  • Black haircoloring, when applied by a spray, makes my hair the consistency of cotton candy.
  • Darcy, my wife, has surpassed me in skill at Mario Kart.
  • My inability to do anything constructive on a weekend remains intact.

October 26, 2006

The Prestige

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Darcy and I went to see The Prestige last weekend, directed by Christopher Nolan of Batman Begins fame, and starring said Batman, Christian Bale, as well as Hugh Jackman, who’s Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Here’s my review, to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies.

Well, this is a review ’bout that Prestige flick

The acting was great and production values slick.

It’s two magicians and they’re messin’ with each other,

And in the end it all comes down to one guy and his…whoops!

Almost spilled the beans/blew the ending!

Well, the story’s pretty sticky and that’s a good thing,

Although my wife leaned over and said “Am I missing somthing?”

Overall it’s really good and the whole thing works.

My only problem is…it’s about a coupla jerks.

Mean guys/ingrates/anti-heroes

I s’pose that’s just me but I’m not crazy ’bout the fact

It’s about two guys that I hope both get whacked.

‘Sides, and I know I’m not alone, but I’d really like to see

A movie ’bout a fight twixt Bats and Wolvereeeeeeeee!

Ya’ll come back n…no, wait, where are you going?  C’mooooooon!

October 24, 2006


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I’m a fan of the new Battlestar Galactica.  They use a curse word often in the show–“Frack.”  It’s similar in definition and usage as our own “F” word–actually, it’s obvious the good people at BSG mean it as the same word.  I’ll spare you the examples.  What’s funny is, it’s starting to hit the pop culture superhighway–it’s already been used more than once, by sheer coincidence, in my other favorite show, Veronica Mars.

So here’s my question–is it wrong to use the word “Frack”?

October 23, 2006

The Bane is back…

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After a series of irregular events, this morning we had staff meeting again.  Which leads me to observe…

“Staff meeting is like watching a two-and-a-half hour production of ‘Aluminum Siding–The Intepretive Dance.'”

October 20, 2006

Free Saturday!

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I’m on this eating program (okay, it’s a diet) called Body for Life.  I could talk about it all day (boring you, me, and God in the process) but I’ll say this–you eat specific foods every day except one.  That day is your free day.

Saturday is my free day.  How much do I love my free day? Let me count the ways.

1. Sugar cereal.  I’ll typically eat a whole box.  Fruity Pebbles is a frequent choice, but in honor of the upcoming holidays I’m consuming a box of Frankenberry.

2.  Burgers and Pizza.  I can plan my Saturday lunch days in advance. And fries–yes, they’re bad for me.  But it’s my free day!  This Saturday…think I’ll have a burger or three.

3. Dinner.  Darcy and I usually go out.  And by “go out,” I don’t mean to Nature’s Table.

4.  Snacks.  As in Snack Cakes and candy.  Tomorrow I intend to eat some Lil Debbies Peanut Butter Bars and perhaps something chocolaty.

5. Drinks.  I’ll probably drink something large and Gatorade-y.

How do I get away with all this?  It’s my free day, of course!  Weirdly enough, it all works pretty well.  See you on the other side!

October 19, 2006

The Tragedy of being #35…

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Last Friday morning, October 13, I’m driving to LA Fitness in Waterford Lakes when I see a line outside Gamestop. My hands go all clammy and my breath starts coming out in little hitches. Ten seconds later I find myself at the back of the line–I’m reasonably sure I parked my car without driving over somone’s grandma in my autopiloted haste. “What’s this line for?” I ask the guy in front of me. He looks at me with suspicion, as he sees me as a potential adversary (which, of course, I am) and says what I was hoping/dreading he’d say…”It’s for the pre-order for the Nintendo Wii.” “Cool!” I said. “But,” he adds, and I know that it is, as Pee Wee Herman used to say, a really big but…”But, Gamestop only has something like 30 units to preorder.”

Sure enough, a GameStop employee comes out and says, “We’re doing 32 preorders today. So how about everybody in line count off?” We do.

I’m #35.

There’s only a handful of us who have to turn around and walk away to the raucus laughter of the lucky ones. The employee says, “Sorry!” with a cheerful wave, and I instantly turn my unhappiness into cold plans to exact revenge on him, and on all the others who somehow got the memo that the preorder was today. Particularly that mom who looks to be around #25, who’s obviously buying for her prepubescent son who almost certainly should be playing less video games and instead doing homework and playing outside in the sun.

I’m quite depressed for several hours. But then it occurs to me. It’s a pre-order. On November 19, when the Wii launches, it just means that normal, unlucky joes like me will have to wait in line.

Will I do this? Am I that committed? Let’s put it this way. Thursay, the 12th, I had a desire.

Friday the 13th? I have a mission.

By the way, here’s a picture of this, my new Great White Whale.

The Nintendo Wii

October 18, 2006

My newest catchphrase…

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Tonight at our home group, one of our guys, Dan, suggested that I might be “crackin’ smoke.”  It took the rest of us a couple seconds.  Now that I’ve firmly grasped it, I plan to use it at every opportunity.  Look out!

October 17, 2006

I’m Back.

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After about a month-long break from blogging, and doing some serious soul-searching about my future of blogging (“Why should I blog when I can’t think of anything to say?!”), I’ve decided to give it another try. This is in part because of my friend Karin, who encouraged me not to drop it, and because of my friend Rob, who got me involved in blogging and whose blog is consistently fun to read. We’ll see what happens.

But, on with the blog. What should I talk about? The following is a stream of consciousness:

what to blog what to blog weather? nice. like it. boring to blog about. what else. Mordor poster right in front of me? very cool but no one can see it. this is pathetic. wonder what john T’s doing in the cubicle behind me. probably eating something. i’m hungry. want to eat a twinkie. twinkies aren’t in my diet plan. diet sucks. twinkies suck. is this my life? starting to get too personal not ready to share that much yet. keep it fluffy. like twinkies mmm light fluffy yellow cake with cream in middle twinkies suck. weather is nice today.

And I’m done. See you tomorrow.

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