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December 15, 2006

Hard to type…fingers numb…

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I’ve been working on Christmas cards all morning. So here’s my question.  If you write the same thing over and over, is it less genuine?  I’ve got 180 of these bad boys, and I’m trying to write a personal note in each.  But after a while I wonder if I mean what I’m writing.  But the idea of writing something completely new and different in each card means I’ll eventually write a card that looks like this:

Dear Rob and Patricia:

Doctor spread the leaf oregano Starbucks a turtle swimming.  And a happy new year too.

SincerelymenteloveinChrist,  Brent

So what’s my alternative? Is there one?  Here’s a whacky idea–next year I’ll send mental cards.

December 14, 2006


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Darcy and I went to see “Apocalypto” (I mean, “Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto”) this past weekend.  I think I go into a Mel Gibson-directed movie the way I go into an authentic Chinese restaurant–I’m sure I’m going to really like some things there, but other stuff, like squid, I’m not going to like.  It might give my stomach a ride I didn’t want to take.
The film is about a guy, Jaguar Paw, who lives in Central America somewhere in the 1500’s, with his family and his peaceful village.  Then some bad Mayans show up, all decked out in human jawbones, and enslave everybody.  He’s led off to the Mayan capital, where he and his friends are supposed to be sacrificed to the sun god.  I won’t  give away more there, but I had read enough to know what to expect.  And I imagine you can imagine…Mayan human sacrifice didn’t involve anything related to velour or fine scotch.

Anyway, the violence is quite strong, although I thought not quite as strong as either Braveheart or Passion of the Christ (for some reason I want to compare Apocalypto to Mel’s other movies and not just other violent movies, like Gladiator).  The story is good, the set pieces are good, the action is taut and the acting, although all the dialogue is in a Mayan dialect, is actually good too.

Here’s my problem, and I suppose it’s more of an observation. This was an entertaining movie, and I might even want to see it again.  But Mel’s two last movies, for lack of a better way to put it, mean more.   Braveheart is very bloody, yes, but it inspires.  I’ve heard countless mens’ and students’ talks on living one’s life for eternity, for refusing  to settle for mediocrity.  I remember thinking more than once, “Man, we need a new movie!”  And we all know about the Passion…it’s not the highest grossing rated-R movie because people like watching people get crucified.  It’s affirmed faith all over the world.

But then we have Apocalypto.  Yes, it’s interesting.  And it’s relevant–slavery, man’s inhumanity to man, frailty of culture–this will always be relevant.  But the violence in Mel’s other movies underscored the gravity of his topics.  This time it just seems like a by-product.  The Mayans were brutal…human sacrifice is bad…the desire to survive is strong…but we knew all that.

December 13, 2006

Just a thought…

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As a few of you know, I work with CrossRoads, a Campus Crusade ministry that deals with AIDS prevention.  Well, last week I was watching this movie on television, the remake of “Dawn of the Dead.”  No, it’s not about a girl named Dawn who is dead.  It’s about how zombies come to life and want to turn the dead-impaired into lunch.  A few of the remaining humans hole up in a mall, where they’re safe…for a while.

I’d seen the movie before, but I noticed something interesting this time…the name of the mall was the Crossroads Mall!  So, I reasoned to my director, wouldn’t this be a great metaphor that CrossRoads (the ministry) could use, what with the issues of death, and life, and protection and all that? Couldn’t we even, in fact, officially incorporate it into our ministry philosophy and promotional literature?

…some people have a really hard time thinking outside the box.

December 4, 2006

Back…in black.

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I’ve been  in Arizona for my dad’s birthday the past few days.  It was  a nice break, great to spend time with the fam, and unwind a bit. We returned home yesterday.

I had a staff meeting this morning.  A long, long staff meeting.  This situation is, in my mind at least, akin to well-meaning people giving you a wonderfully prepared dinner right before they strap you to the electric chair.

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