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August 21, 2007


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I don’t often talk about things of consequence in this blog (probably because it’s easier to talk about whether Transformers was a good movie instead of justifications for the war in Iraq), but I just finished reading a column that gave me pause.

The column, written by Anna Quindlen and appearing in the August 6 issue of Newsweek, is entitled “How Much Jail Time?”  She poses a simple question–if abortion was criminalized, should we then prosecute and imprison women who get abortions?

Although Ms. Quindlen is one of the more vocal liberals around today, I enjoy reading her columns (maybe for that reason–I like to think it helps me keep an open mind).  She makes me think more deeply about what I believe, and this one was no exception.  Abortion rights is an issue she feels strongly about, as do I.  That we fall on opposite sides of the debate doesn’t keep me from admitting she has points worth debating.

And this one is very compelling.  As she sums up, “…there are only two logical choices: Hold women accountable for a criminal act by sending them to prison, or refuse to criminalize the act in the first place.  If you can’t countenance the first, you have to accept the second.  You can’t have it both ways.”   Earlier in her column she references an anti-abortion protest where people were asked the question, and stumbled all over their answers.

I hate abortion, for a few reasons that I think are pretty logical.  But this question does give me pause.  I’m going to chew on it some and say what I think some time in the near future.  For now, though, I’d love to hear from people on this one.  Actually, maybe people could even kick it around with friends.  We need an answer on this one.  What do you think?

August 17, 2007

Meet My Boy!

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Why have I not featured him on this site before? Mostly because I’ve had trouble putting photos on here, and I’m trying to learn. Which I did today, so here goes! *Ahem* This is my dog, Dexter. He was born October 21, 2001. I came up with the name because of the cartoon, Dexter’s Lab, which I thought was a clever play on words, since Dexter is also a Lab (I’m obsessed with my own cleverness). It occurred to me a little later that when the cartoon went off the air, people might stop making the connection. This has, in fact, happened.

Dexter is the biggest lab anyone I know has ever seen–12o pounds. His hobbies include sniffing things, walking around outside, and swimming around outside. He has, to my admittedly limited knowledge, never disliked anybody, human or animal. He likes to eat dog food, rawhide chips, apples, carrots, trash, and my Blackberry.

This is my favorite picture of him. He looks pretty much like I hope he feels most of the time.

August 16, 2007

Two Day-Long Meetings…

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We had two day-long planning meetings. Here’s an intermittent play-by-play of what was going through my mind, from start to finish:

Day 1

9 am–“I look on the prospect of sitting in one seat, unwilling recipient to a veritable influx of information, with some trepidation. The single ray of hope, the lifeline to which I desperately cling, is the unlimited supply of Diet Coke.”

12 pm–“What did we just talk about? Can’t remember where I am. What are these aluminum cans doing around my chair? Oh, good, lunch. I like lunch.”

3 pm–“Head…stuffed with…inferm…infu…things that mean things. I see Diet Coke…sign on…metal thingie. What is Diet Coke? I want it too be friend.”

5 pm–“Hello, this is Beta Max 7. I am a personality/logic template representing Brent Larson in the event of a complete mental shutdown. Reboot will commence in…two…hours. Please keep in mind, you are on camera. So don’t steal anything.”

Day 2–“In my mind I’ve gone to Carolina.” (continual loop)

August 10, 2007

What’ve I seen?

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It occurred to me this morning that, since I haven’t blogged about movies I’ve seen, I should do that. But I’ve seen so many! What was the last one I blogged about? Wait here while I go check.

Batman and Robin?!? Dude.  And the last theatrical release was Pirates 3. Okay, so what have I seen since then, in theaters, rentals and on television?  I’m just going to try to remember.  Maybe I’ll comment on them later.

Okay, I saw 28 Weeks Later.  Also High Plains Drifter.  and Breach.  Ratatouille.  Live Free or Die Hard.  Transformers.  Singin’ in the Rain.  The Breakfast Club.  1408.  Evan Almighty.  Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  The Simpsons Movie.  Spider Man 3 again.  Pirates 3 again.  Shrek 3.  Surfs Up.  Ghost in the Shell.  North by Northwest.  Night of the Living Dead.  Sophie’s Choice.  Battle Royale 2.  Oceans 13.

What am I missing?  Lemme go  check a couple sources…

The Last King of Scotland, Ghost World, The Good German,  The Bourne Supremacy.  That’s all I  can think of.  Maybe I’ll write down any more I think of later.

August 9, 2007

Hell Month

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This is how I, as a Florida resident, gauge the calendar year.

January-Being outside is so comfortable.  I love the world!

February–Ah, the cool of the day refreshes my soul.

March–It’s a little warmer than it was.  And summer’s coming.  No!

April–I have to start wearing summer clothes already?!  But maybe it won’t be so bad.

May–Summer’s pretty much here.  But I can deal with it.  All the big movies  will help soften the blow.

June–It’s hot but I can handle it.  Life is bearable.

July– Still hot.  But we’re halfway through, right? It’ll be over before I know it!

August–Heat…baking accumulated good will away to nothing…so  hot…so nasty…I can’t remember what trees and rivers sound like…

September–I know things will improve by month’s end, but bad memory of August can’t revive sense of optimism.

October-December–Cool is back, and I have removed any memory of whatever comes after July and before September.

Happy August, everybody.

August 1, 2007

Am I Back?

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It’s been almost a month since my last post.  I’ve been across the country, seeing movies, watching TV, talking to people.  So why haven’t I blogged about any of it?

Here’s the answer, and I wish it was something different.

Truth is…it’s happening again.

I’m getting bored  of blogging.

Help meeeeeeeeee…

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