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July 10, 2008


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I just realized this morning…I haven’t heard Jordin Sparks’ “No Air” on the radio for the last  two days!  Not even once, let alone three or four times!  Somebody’s slipping!!

July 8, 2008

I’m a positive guy…

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…usually. But I started thinking recently that there are some things that I really don’t like. I thought I’d tell you, since you asked.

I don’t like:

  • dress socks. A drain on our economy, and a blight on society as a whole.
  • calling someone “Buddy.” I don’t mind being called it. But when I use it it sounds like I’m running for Congress.
  • reality television. I can’t stay in the same room with it.
  • Coldplay. Why do people like these guys?
  • not having an accent. I want one, but you all know by now I don’t, so I can’t fake it.
  • people who can’t navigate four-way stops.
  • Lowes (thanks, Karin, for bringing it up). That place was invented, with its infernal cousin, Home Depot, to emasculate me.
  • actors talking about how great their movies are. Really, what else are they going to say?! (Will Smith: “I think audiences are really going to connect with Hancock because…uh, well, actually, don’t bother.”)
  • T-shirts that have jokes on them. That’s like telling the same joke over and over. Sorry-no joke is that good.
  • loving Del Taco. I love Del Taco, but our long-distance relationship has caused me nothing but pain.
  • People who say you can’t like both Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ll like who I want, AstroPunk!

That’s it for now. Thank you for allowing me to enrich your lives.

Hancock in 13 seconds

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What a great idea–Superman, instead of crash-landing in Kansas, grows up a homeless bum!  How can you screw that up?  By adding bizarre plot reversals, no villain to speak of, and over-stylized camera work.  Oh, what could have been…

Random Things I Discovered over the Weekend (Fire[no]work edition)

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  • Comparing a three-day weekend to a normal weekend, my capacity to waste time increases by about 33%.
  • Wall-E is a great, great movie. Iron Man now has to share the top spot on my 2008 Best of Summer!
  • “Hancock” is my new word to describe something that could have been truly great, but falls flat (“Dude, this frozen pizza is Hancocked.”)
  • Speaking of pizza, my favorite pizza chain closed up and moved out of Orlando! Donatos, wait, come back! We’ll be better, I promise!!
  • Disney is surprisingly not crowded at 10 pm the day after the 4th.
  • The Japan-originating movie, “The Eye” is okay, but I don’t know who thought it was worthy of an American remake, which, I heard, totally Hancocked.
  • Apparently, very pregnant ladies hate it when their husbands expose their bellies (my friend found this out the hard way).
  • Cold Stone Creamery can’t quite match Marble Slab in quality.
  • Our dog, Dexter, is awesome at helping us meet new neighbors.
  • Gosh, it’s hot.
  • I think about blogging much more than I actually blog.

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