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March 29, 2007

Death and the Maiden

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I saw the movie Death and the Maiden, directed by Roman Polanski, the other day.  It’s about a woman who lives with her husband in an unnamed South American country that has just achieved democracy after suffering under a brutal fascist regime.  The woman, played by Sigourney Weaver, was part of the underground movement, and was at one time captured and brutally tortured.  Her husband, also formerly with the underground and now a prosecutor, has been tasked with bringing those formerly in charge to justice.

The story, which I won’t go into too much here, takes place when a man who the woman believes is one of her former torturers, played by Ben Kingsley, unwittingly stumbles into their house.  What happens next I won’t tell you, although I should warn you, there’s a lot of coarse and cringe-inducing dialogue that follows.  But it was all pretty fascinating to me.  You can say what you want about Roman Polanski, a guy who can’t even enter the U.S. because he’ll be arrested for having had sex with a minor back, I think, in the ’70s.  But the guy knows how to tell a story.  And on the cheap, too–there’s really only three characters and one location.  And, though the entire crux of the story involves what has happened in the past, there’s not a single flashback.  As a would-be storyteller myself, all I can say is, wow!

As to the message of the story, I found that very compelling…so much so that I’d better talk about it in my next posting.  Suffice to say, it has something to do with Kosmo Kramer and the Road Warrior.  How’s that sound?

March 27, 2007

Random Things I Discovered this Weekend (What’d I Just do? edition)

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  • Captain Crunch is great with or without milk.
  • A bunch of men + a good speaker with a bit too much content + some good friends + some points that convict me – sleep = a decent men’s conference at UPC ( + a BBQ lunch = rousing success!)
  • The first half of Casino Royale is great (this is more of a rediscovering) (the second half is also great–Darcy fell asleep halfway through so we watched the rest Monday night, which is not technically the weekend so I hesitate to even mention it here)
  • Little Debbie’s Nutty Bars are little slices that God chipped off the high-carb cloud in heaven.
  • I was playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and saved the game in the Air Cannon Room (this is important, take my word for it). I turned it off, and went back a few hours later to play again. Only for some reason I couldn’t get out of the room. After about a half-hour I was genuinely stuck. Undaunted, I went to a website that provides a walkthrough for the game. I got on, got to the right spot, and saw a string of words that struck horror into my deepest core: “Warning–there is a FATAL ERROR here. Don’t save your game in the Air Cannon Room or you’ll be stuck there forever!” In other words, after investing over 48 hours in this game, I now have to START OVER. This almost ruined the rest of the weekend for me. At odd times during Sunday I’d catch myself thinking about it and shake my head in disbelief.
  • Midnight Express is a pretty good movie, but it has no ability to make me forget I flushed ^%$# 48 hours! (I’ll probably never be able to watch the movie 48 Hours again.)
  • On a positive note–Darcy’s back and overall, things are good again (some things even a FATAL ERROR can’t mess up.)

March 21, 2007

Day Whatever of the Bachelor Strike

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Darcy gets home tomorrow from what will ultimately be a nine-day jaunt to the Bahamas.  It’s been a good run for me–I got a lot of stuff off my to-do list, and I got to relax too.  And now I’m done.  Darcy, get back now, please!

March 19, 2007


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I watched this movie over the weekend.  It’s set up as a noir crime mystery surrounding the alleged suicide of George Reeves, the actor who played Superman in the 1950’s TV serial.  There was no foul play ever proven, and the film does a good job of not leading the audience to any one conclusion.  What was the biggest surprise for me was Ben Affleck’s moving performance of a guy who was desperate to break away from the fame that ultimately strangled him.

S’funny, there have been plenty of times I’ve heard actors (most of the Star Trek cast come to mind) complaining that they’ve been pigeonholed into a role and they can’t break out.  I used to think “Sheesh, guys, people look up to you!  Do you have any right to complain?”  After seeing this film I think I’ll be thinking twice before doing that again..

Random Things I Discovered this Weekend (Uphill version)

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  • I found out on Friday that there’s a good chance Veronica Mars won’t be renewed for next season. I thought, “What a horrible way to start the weekend!” I hope it wouldn’t be an evil portent of things to come.
  • Thankfully, things picked up. I watched “Hollywoodland.” It was good. I’ll write a review of it in my next posting.
  • I watched Silver Streak, a Gene Wilder movie from the mid 70s. Not bad. A little slow. I thought it’d be funnier, although I will say Gene knew how to turn in a randomly manic bit better than anyone. Especially since you don’t see it coming.
  • Repairing screens in the patio is hard work! It felt good when it was done, but I found myself resenting my dog, Dexter, for ruining them in the first place. Now that I think of it, Dexter may be the source of all destruction in my house. Look at him–you can see he’s out some nefarious plan somewhere behind those dopey brown eyes…


  • The Amityville Horror remake from a couple years ago had some nice creepy, but overall I’ve seen better.
  • All Quiet on the Western Front is slow, but a good story. Funny, it was made in 1930 and it talks about how a fresh-faced recruit into the German army sees how unromantic and brutal it all is. It occured to me that most real war films are actually anti-war films, and they’ve been around practically as long as there’s been film.
  • Annie Hall is a Woody Allen film, but don’t let that throw you off. It’s actually quite funny. His character, an over-analyzing, pretentious, obsessive academic totally unable to love anyone but himself reminds me a little too much of myself.
  • And the big one: I AM EASILY CAPABLE OF PLAYING SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS OF NINTENDO. Especially if the words “Legend” and “Zelda” occur anywhere in the sentence.

March 16, 2007

Brent Solo-Day 2 and 3 (Hopping in Paradiso)

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My continued forray into bachelor life culimated in me staying up two nights ago, late, to watch a movie, Cinema Paradiso.  It’s an Italian film that’s about 15 years old.  It’s sweet and funny and, for reasons I’m not sure of, rated R. It’s about this guys ruminations on his life as a kid, befriending the local movie theater projectionist and eventually taking over the theater.

Then, last night, my friend Keith and I went bar-hopping.  By this I mean, we went to a bar in Winter Park named Red Light Red Light and had a drink (nice, quiet, dim atmosphere) and then went to another one, Fiddler’s Green, and had some wings (packed because of March Madness, which for me is more like Irritation).  It was fun. Does this mean I’m carnal now?  Dang!

March 14, 2007

Brent Solo-Day 1 (300)

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My wife, Darcy, has a mom with a sailboat.  Recently her mom invited us to go to the Bahamas for a few days.  Well, it didn’t work for me to get away, but it did for Darc.  So, for the next nine days, I’m running solo.

So what shall I do with my new-found freedom?  Here’s the first thing I did, and frankly I think it’s indicative of a severely messed-up personality: I made a list of chores I want to do while she’s gone.  What’s wrong with me?

Anyway, the first bachelor thing I did was last night, when my friend Keith and I went to see the movie 300.  On a Tuesday night (and it was a packed theater–I still can’t believe it)  It’s based on a comic book (I’m sorry, graphic novel) so that pretty much means I have to go see it.  My thoughts?  It was brutal–lots of battle violence, impalings, decapitations, and at several times throughout you could tell the filmmakers were bringing in experts to see how to make the blood spray more realistically.

I loved it.  Good story, and there’s just something about movies that celebrate the nobler aspects of masculinity (guys fighting for freedom, brotherhood, loving their wives and being good dads) as opposed to the more debased aspects (having sex with anything that moves, revenge, beating up the little guy, overall smugness).  And, frankly, there’s something about well-choreographed sword-and-toga violence that makes me say “Aww, yeah!”

March 13, 2007

I always thought I was medium rare…

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Your Personality is the Rarest (INFJ)

Your personality type is introspective, principled, self critical, and sensitive.

Only about 2% of all people have your personality – including 3% of all women and around 1% of all men.
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

How Rare Is Your Personality?

March 8, 2007

Captain America (1941-2007)

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What do you do when you get to work and find out one of your favorite super heroes is dead?   I don’t know, but while I figure it out I’m in a not-so-great mood.

March 6, 2007

Random Things I Discovered this Weekend (Adult content edition)

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Here’s the wackiness that was my life this past weekend:

  • We watched a movie that had (among other things) war violence, lots of blood, racial slurs, implied sexual assaults, violence against children, extramarital activity, a hero that extolls profiteering and other anti-social behavior, not to mention one of the most dysfunctional families to ever grace the screen.  What’s the movie?  Why, it’s Gone with the Wind, made in the late 1930’s.  And it won a ton of Academy Awards.  Man, I tell you, liberals in Hollywood are sending this country to hell on a handcart, huh?  Oh yeah, it was good.
  • I also watched It Happened One Night, a movie also from the 1930’s.  I think it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time.  The scene where Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert pretended to be bickering married couple had me laughing out loud.  Twice!  I recommend this one.  And Frank Capra’s awesome. I can’t think of any of his movies that I haven’t loved.
  • The Departed, which Darc and I finally got around to seeing (yeah, we’re a little behind, I’m embarrassed to say), was great.  The story was interesting, but really it was the performances that gave it the gas.  It’s weird to think I once thought Leo DiCaprio was a pretty boy coasting on his good looks.  And that Matt Damon–that guy should marry his agent.
  • For those of you who’ve noticed…I usually find something to like about any movie I see.  I think it’s my subconscious way of saying, “No, Brent, you didn’t waste the last two hours when you could have done something more productive…like stare.”
  • For the record, Cocoa Pebbles has not lost its magic.
  • A Sonic Coke with Bubble Gum add-in is one of the building blocks of our sublime universe.
  • Hurley got a van! You go, dude!

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