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May 16, 2008

Sorry I bin spotty…

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Sorry I’ve haven’t been posting a lot lately. I have a reasonably good excuse, though–I’ve been working on a short film! Here’s what’s been going on over the last few weeks, in haiku:

Four friends’ film fetish

Finally pays off– funding!

J Film–“Do your thang.”


Our new film team forms.

“Broken Phone Booth Productions.”

Steal the name and die!


Our first film shoots soon.

This Saturday, truth be told.

It’s called Convict. Sweet!


I produce. Mike shoots.

Paul directs, Doug photographs.

And more. Some paid. Dude!


Much running around

No rest when you’re Producer

And no blogging. Aargh!!!


So there you go. I hope this spells things out clearly. I’ll let you know how it goes…

August 17, 2007

Meet My Boy!

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Why have I not featured him on this site before? Mostly because I’ve had trouble putting photos on here, and I’m trying to learn. Which I did today, so here goes! *Ahem* This is my dog, Dexter. He was born October 21, 2001. I came up with the name because of the cartoon, Dexter’s Lab, which I thought was a clever play on words, since Dexter is also a Lab (I’m obsessed with my own cleverness). It occurred to me a little later that when the cartoon went off the air, people might stop making the connection. This has, in fact, happened.

Dexter is the biggest lab anyone I know has ever seen–12o pounds. His hobbies include sniffing things, walking around outside, and swimming around outside. He has, to my admittedly limited knowledge, never disliked anybody, human or animal. He likes to eat dog food, rawhide chips, apples, carrots, trash, and my Blackberry.

This is my favorite picture of him. He looks pretty much like I hope he feels most of the time.

February 14, 2007

The Motorcycle Diaries revisited

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Che GuavaraI mentioned a couple days ago I’d seen this movie, and I’d talk more about it. And I don’t want to write a whole essay on it (I’ve got other things I have to do today). I gave a thumbnail on the film in my last post, in case you don’t remember what it’s about. Here just a random sampling of what went through my mind as, and after, I saw it:

This is about a guy who saw all the misery around him, and couldn’t let it go. He was bright, good looking, and had the means to educate himself and build a nice, comfortable, lucrative future. Instead, as we find out at the end, he forsakes it all and becomes a Communist revolutionary.

Now, I’m from a conservative, military family and I grew up in Reagan’s America. Communism=bad, right? And I know very well the horrors that the Communist Party in Russia perpetrated on its citizens, particularly to Christians and in Afganistan. I’ve been to East Berlin pre-Iron Curtain and Russia post-Iron Curtain, and I’ve seen, in person, that it was a corrupt, repressive system of government, and life.

So, back to Che, and me. This guy saw people in pain, and decided to take on the system by becoming a Communist. Shame on him, right? That’s what the right side of my brain says. The left side says, “Yeah. And you’re a believer in Christ.” In other words, when I see the injustice and the suffering, or even hear about it, am I prompted do anything other than change the channel, or maybe write a check every now and then? Che aligned himself with a corrupt solution. I represent the truth, or rather, The Truth. Therefore, I should react to suffering with more fervor and more compassion that this guy, right?

And yet I don’t. This troubles me, that’s all.

February 7, 2007

Have I Lost You?

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In honor of this evening, check out my sweet new shirt!

February 2, 2007

Check out My MTI Student Film!

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It’s called “Error

October 24, 2006


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I’m a fan of the new Battlestar Galactica.  They use a curse word often in the show–“Frack.”  It’s similar in definition and usage as our own “F” word–actually, it’s obvious the good people at BSG mean it as the same word.  I’ll spare you the examples.  What’s funny is, it’s starting to hit the pop culture superhighway–it’s already been used more than once, by sheer coincidence, in my other favorite show, Veronica Mars.

So here’s my question–is it wrong to use the word “Frack”?

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