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April 20, 2011

Cloverfield in 13 seconds

Filed under: 13 Second Review,sci-fi/horror,thriller — kryptobrent @ 8:22 pm

I love this movie for several reasons- the genius setup, the epic sharing space with the intimate, and the hush-hush marketing buildup to the film’s release still informs my viewing pleasure. But this time what got to me was the sheer humanity of the players. I bought every minute they sold me. Not bad for a movie told via camcorder.

The Last Emperor in 13 seconds

Filed under: '80s movies,13 Second Review,drama — kryptobrent @ 8:16 pm

Big ’80’s era epic about China’s, y’know. Won a lot of awards, and it probably deserves it. I did enjoy the whole spectacle of it- it looks impressive enough- and yet the ending seemed too abrupt and existential for me. But again, it is China, I guess. Pretty good overall.

Faster in 13 seconds

Filed under: 13 Second Review,action — kryptobrent @ 8:08 pm

A fairly straightforward actioner about a quest for revenge. There is a redemption theme that keeps things a little unpredictable. The ending is a bit preposterous but overall I was surprised by how much I didn’t hate it.

Megamind in 13 seconds

Filed under: 13 Second Review,Animated,comedy — kryptobrent @ 8:04 pm

I read a review that speculated that a super hero comedy meant the genre had almost run its course. To which I reply…it’s funny. And not overly prone to parody or self-awareness. I.e. it’s good. That’s all.

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