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July 29, 2011

Captain America in 13 seconds

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This was going to be THE one for me this summer. I love the character, and I had high hopes for Joe Johnston to pull off something…well, worthy comes to mind. Conclusion? First half–pretty much flawless.  Second half–too many laser guns, and not enough of Cap doing what he does best–taking down guys by the dozens. A harried ending didn’t help either. All in all, a solid film. I wanted better but was probably hoping for too much.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 13 seconds

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The Apollo moon landing was actually a secret mission to investigate an alien ship? How interesting! Now let’s forget it and get on with the lots and lots o’ bang, destruction, and humans hamming it up (it’s like they know it’s the only thing they have to compete).  At the end, I didn’t care about any of it. My head-shaking, horror-induced realization? I LIKED THE SECOND ONE BETTER.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 13 seconds

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As close to perfectly satisfying as I can expect from a summer movie (Iron Man is still my gold standard).  Some elements got short shrift (I was pulling for Bellatrix Lestrange’s serious comeuppance) and I pity the non-Potter fan’s struggle to grasp all aspects, but the story was strong, and emotionally engaging. So I guess that makes it my top summer pick.

Thor 3D (redux?) in 13 seconds

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That’s right, 3D. At the discount theater, with a $1.50 upgrade.  Conclusion? The movie is still a lot of fun. The two leads are perfectly cast. But in 3D? Just one more reminder that Avatar, which needed it to be a better movie, didn’t do us any favors by convincing theater owners that already-good movies needed it too.

July 13, 2011

Brick in 13 seconds

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A noir-tinged murder mystery in the vein of The Maltese Falcon. Lots of rapid fire dialogue and tight performances. Here’s the twist–high school students are the protagonists.  Therein lies my only problem–my limited knowledge of what high school is like made it hard for me to believe what I was seeing. It’d be like office workers suddenly talking like they’re nuclear scientists.

Oldboy in 13 seconds

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Okay, let me be forthright here–I’m not recommending you see this. There’s some r0ugh stuff, and the third act is deeply disturbing. But I will say this: Three days later and I’m still chewing over it, trying to figure out how the story drew an emotional response out of me. I admit, I’d kill to write a script that has that affect. Maybe the Spike Lee-directed American version will be tamer. But, I ask, will it still pack a punch?

The Lincoln Lawyer in 13 seconds

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A better-than-average legal thriller, enjoyable from beginning to end.  It actively tries to avoid the cliches that you’d expect in this kind of movie. And the performances are strong, particularly by Matthew McConaughey.  Yep, you read that right.  Note to Matty–dude, swear off Romcoms for a year.  You’ll thank me for it.

July 11, 2011

Treasure Planet in 13 seconds

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One of Disney’s lesser-known animated movies, and it’s not hard to envision the pitch session, attended by a) a ’90’s Extreme Sports  aficionado, b) a lowbrow humor enthusiast, and c)someone who wanted to redo “Titan A.E.”  What emerged isn’t half-bad, considering.

Get Him to the Greek in 13 seconds

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The bad: Once again Judd Apatow makes it hard for me to heartily recommend his movies. Just lots of ick.  The good–the performances.  Jonah Hill isn’t the type I usually like, but here he’s fresh and even moving sometimes.  And Russell Brand’s rock star is incredible.  When he’s strutting and ACTUALLY SINGING on stage I couldn’t think of anyone else who could have done it.

Splice in 13 seconds

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Scientists get the idea of splicing human DNA into their genetic experiments.  I’m going to do you the favor their friends apparently never thought of–if you’re ever in a similar position…DON’T.  It can’t possibly turn out well.  Oh, and the film wasn’t bad, even though the weird sexual overtones detracted from the punch. Don’t do THAT, either.

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