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February 27, 2008

There’s Something You Don’t see Every Day

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Example: Molly Brown (Kathy Bates) in Titanic

Yes, it’s a sardonic response to something awesome happening right in front of you, when sardonic might be appropriate. It was funny once.  ONCE.


11th hour meeting

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We were supposed to have an all-day staff meeting today.  Yesterday, it got canceled.

Those atheist guys are way out to lunch.

February 26, 2008


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This comes from the wisdom of MSN.com:

Take the Quiz

They decided this mostly because Kate was in the Underworld movies (two of the worst vampire movies of the last few years).

On an unrelated note, Microsoft, and by extension the entire Internet, proves once again they don’t really know me. And that, my friends, is just fine.

February 25, 2008

Random Things I discovered this weekend (dazed and sleepy edition)

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Sorry I didn’t post last weekend.  Now, on to this weekend!

  • Rescue Dawn is a great movie.  It’s about a guy in a Vietnam POW camp who escapes.  It feels like a smaller movie, which I think was the point.
  • Dazed and Confused was different from what I was expecting.  Speaking strictly from a hairstyle standpoint, I’m so thankful the seventies ended.
  • I am still very capable of sitting in my Lazy Boy in front of the television for an entire day (this is more of a rediscovering).
  • (This is from last weekend) When Darcy and I are at a Disney park, I’m continually amused by all the people eating turkey legs.  I know it’s probably a vaguely healthy, vaguely economic meal at a theme park, but I just can’t get the thought out of my head that these people are eating what amounts to a meat popsicle.
  • I’m so glad Jericho got renewed. Power to the people!
  • Lost is shaping up to be a great season.
  • I loved There Will Be Blood.  I loved No Country for Old Men.  But I don’t need a four-hour awards show telling me I should love them.  Especially when I can get online in the morning and find out who won in a matter of seconds.

February 14, 2008


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(Rob pointed this one out.)

As seen in: Star Wars Episode III

Final Story Conference:

Producer: “Hey George! Here’s the scenario– Darth Vader, feared and loved by kids for thirty years, pulls himself free off the operating table. What must be going through his mind! He’s just found out he inadvertently killed his own wife and has lost everything. So can he say anything that doesn’t boil down to a response so cliched and overused, it’s become it’s own punchline?”

GL: No.

P: What’s that? I can’t hear you over my ipod.

GL: I said, no!

P: I’m sorry…how do you turn this thing off?


P: …Really? It’s risky, but…you’re the boss.

I’d discuss this but…I have a headache.

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Karin pointed me to this site.

You Communicate Like a Woman

You empathize, talk things out, and express your emotions freely.
You’re a good listener, and you’re non-judgmental with your advice.
Communication is how you connect with people.
You’re always up for a long talk, no matter how difficult the subject matter is.
Do You Communicate Like a Man or a Woman?

February 12, 2008

That’s Going to Leave a Mark

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I’m starting a new category–Movie Lines that Should Die. You know when you see a movie and you hear a joke that should be funny, and maybe was–ten years ago? I hate those. It’s weak writing, and frankly, insulting–like the filmmakers thought they could slip one past me. So I’m going to start blogging about it. I’d like to try something different this time, though–I’m opening it up to my vast audience (both of you) to contribute. If you see a movie and you’ve heard that line before, let me know somehow and include a movie or two where you heard it. I’ll feature it here and I’ll give you credit. And don’t google “overused movie lines” or something–that’s cheating!

Now here’s my first one:

“That’s going to leave a mark.”

Example: Tommy Boy

Yes, it did leave a mark. And, after what seems like dozens of uses in other movies, we’re still paying for that mark.

February 11, 2008

Random Things I discovered this weekend (kookookoo edition)

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  • You know when you have such low expectations for a movie, when you think the only way you’d ever watch it is if you were in a doctors office and the TV was bolted nine feet off the ground? Darc and I were bored Friday when The Dukes of Hazzard came on. Weirdly, we enjoyed it. Clearly, boredom leads to bad choices. Kids, stay in school!
  • Enteman’s Chocolate Lovers Donut pack is about 3/4 awesome.
  • Watching good TV is fun. Watching Lost is great. Watching Lost in HD is like eating steak with your eyes.
  • At a picnic for my church’s young adults, I found out I can throw a football pretty well. I can say without hyperbole that I had no idea this was true.
  • Because of Guitar Hero, I have now listened to more speed metal in the last weekend than I have in my previous 37 years. I feel so lucky!
  • I have a sweet wife (this is more of a rediscovering).

I’ve offended the cosmos…

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…which is the only explanation I can think of for this morning.  I’m sitting in staff meeting, mentally likening it to watching a three-hour Discovery Channel special on Our Marvelous Appendix, when someone from the department next to us comes over.

“We’re welcoming two new staff to our office with lots of  snacks!  Would  you guys like to join us?”  Since we all work for Constantly Craving Carbs, most of us are over there forthwith (“Hi, you’re new? How nice.  Where’s the food?”).  Of course, I come in last, because I know what I’m going to see–piles and piles of food I CAN’T EAT.

I have reached the tenth circle of heck–and it’s endless meetings, punctuated by breaks with snacks that look marvelous but are surrounded by an invisible force field of guilt.

I’d go and  eat some worms, but I hear they also are high in empty carbs.

February 6, 2008

Golden Arch-Enemy

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So yesterday I observe that the bathroom scale is, incredibly, starting to reflect some positive change.  I think, “Awesome! I can do this!  Just got to keep the momentum!”

Several hours later, someone offers to buy me dinner at McDonalds. Refusing free food, to me, is like refusing to help someone stranded on the side of the road.  It is discourteous, prideful and reflects the fallenness of our world.

I might add, this is the McDonalds that I recently clocked at less than a 2.5 minute drive from my house.  That’s right.  I can now BE at McDonalds faster than it takes to peel a carrot.

Someone’s going to pay.  Later.  Right now I feel strangely bloated.

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