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March 14, 2007

Brent Solo-Day 1 (300)

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My wife, Darcy, has a mom with a sailboat.  Recently her mom invited us to go to the Bahamas for a few days.  Well, it didn’t work for me to get away, but it did for Darc.  So, for the next nine days, I’m running solo.

So what shall I do with my new-found freedom?  Here’s the first thing I did, and frankly I think it’s indicative of a severely messed-up personality: I made a list of chores I want to do while she’s gone.  What’s wrong with me?

Anyway, the first bachelor thing I did was last night, when my friend Keith and I went to see the movie 300.  On a Tuesday night (and it was a packed theater–I still can’t believe it)  It’s based on a comic book (I’m sorry, graphic novel) so that pretty much means I have to go see it.  My thoughts?  It was brutal–lots of battle violence, impalings, decapitations, and at several times throughout you could tell the filmmakers were bringing in experts to see how to make the blood spray more realistically.

I loved it.  Good story, and there’s just something about movies that celebrate the nobler aspects of masculinity (guys fighting for freedom, brotherhood, loving their wives and being good dads) as opposed to the more debased aspects (having sex with anything that moves, revenge, beating up the little guy, overall smugness).  And, frankly, there’s something about well-choreographed sword-and-toga violence that makes me say “Aww, yeah!”


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