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February 21, 2007

I love another woman…

Filed under: More TV for Me!,Shallow Thoughts — kryptobrent @ 11:33 am

…or so my wife told me, per a conversation we had recently.  Her name is Veronica Mars, and the world can watch her wacky exploits every Tuesday night after Gilmore Girls.

“I do not!” I retorted.

“Yes, you do, you love Kristen Bell,” she said.

“No I don’t!” I replied. “Remember that movie she was in a few months ago, Pulse?  I didn’t see it and I don’t care to.  You know why?”

“Why?” she said.

“Because Veronica Mars wasn’t in it.  Just Kristen Bell,” I explained. I waited a beat, then postulated, “But I do love Veronica Mars.”

She gave me a look so I blurted, “But, then again, I love Jack Bauer too.  And Angel. In other words, I love their characters.”  Because we all love well written characters, right?

My wife seemed okay with this, to which I can only say, nice salvage, Brent!


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