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February 14, 2007

The Motorcycle Diaries revisited

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Che GuavaraI mentioned a couple days ago I’d seen this movie, and I’d talk more about it. And I don’t want to write a whole essay on it (I’ve got other things I have to do today). I gave a thumbnail on the film in my last post, in case you don’t remember what it’s about. Here just a random sampling of what went through my mind as, and after, I saw it:

This is about a guy who saw all the misery around him, and couldn’t let it go. He was bright, good looking, and had the means to educate himself and build a nice, comfortable, lucrative future. Instead, as we find out at the end, he forsakes it all and becomes a Communist revolutionary.

Now, I’m from a conservative, military family and I grew up in Reagan’s America. Communism=bad, right? And I know very well the horrors that the Communist Party in Russia perpetrated on its citizens, particularly to Christians and in Afganistan. I’ve been to East Berlin pre-Iron Curtain and Russia post-Iron Curtain, and I’ve seen, in person, that it was a corrupt, repressive system of government, and life.

So, back to Che, and me. This guy saw people in pain, and decided to take on the system by becoming a Communist. Shame on him, right? That’s what the right side of my brain says. The left side says, “Yeah. And you’re a believer in Christ.” In other words, when I see the injustice and the suffering, or even hear about it, am I prompted do anything other than change the channel, or maybe write a check every now and then? Che aligned himself with a corrupt solution. I represent the truth, or rather, The Truth. Therefore, I should react to suffering with more fervor and more compassion that this guy, right?

And yet I don’t. This troubles me, that’s all.


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